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Derivative Strategies

derivative strategies programDerivatives are tools widely used for risk management purpose. However, many people use it for speculative trading.

Yes, it can be used to generate 5% to 500% a month.

Derivatives are broadly of two types, OTC and Exchange Traded. They can be used in hedging your risk and you can also enjoy leveraged trading.

Invest 5% and get 95% on credit to trade!


Derivative Strategies are used in various market conditions to generate good profits or hedge against risk. Normally, There are three market conditions bullish, bearish and market neutral. Different derivative strategies are applied in combinations with other investment tools.

You can get Guaranteed return!

Program Overview

  • Basic & learn Live trading in:
    • Forward
    • Swap
    • Future
    • Options
  • Future Pricing
  • Future Arbitrage Technique
  • Hedging using Futures and forwards
  • Creating a perfect hedge and error handling
  • Option Pricing and using option calculator
  • Learn Option Greeks (Delta, Gamma, Vega, Raho, Theta) to use in option trading
  • 16+ Basic option strategies
  • 4 Professional Advance Option Strategies
  • Learn to hedge Delta hedging.
  • Timing Options
  • Strategies to make 100% in a month
  • Strategies which can give you guaranteed profits

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  • 36+ hours of training in 1 month
  • Live market training.
  • 1 year unlimited Free Repeat classes
  • Get trained by CFA, FRM, Option strategist and Professionals traders

  • 200+ lecture notes
  • Handouts and supplements
  • Video Tutorials
  • MS Excel Models
  • Trading software
  • Technical Analysis Tools

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  • Classes
  • Study Material
  • After training support

Fee: INR 14,000 / USD 280

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  • We follow ISO quality standards.
  • Six Sigma practice for error handling.
  • Contents are developed by CFA, FRM, MBA, PHDs.
  • Cross verified by working professionals and updated on students feedback.
  • Old students are given updated material without any extra charge.
  • Periodic Mock test and case studies.
  • 20+ locations around the globe.
  • 11+ Courses with international curriculum.

Award and Recognition:

  • Awarded Best Training Institute in Financial Services.
  • Rated 4.5 out of 5
  • Follows ISO quality guidelines
  • Over 7000 fans following
  • 10000+ students trained
  • Working professionals from 89 different MNC have already joined our programs.


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