Available courses

Course Image FRM Part II


Prepare for GARP FRM Part 2 Exam. Covers Entire Syllabus of FRM II Exam.  

Course Image CFA Level 2

CFA Level 2

CFA Level 2 Preparation Material for CFA Exam conducted by CFA Institute, USA

Course Image CFA Level 1

CFA Level 1

Complete set of premium study material for CFA Level 1 Exam. 

Course Image FRM I - GARP


Complete set of Premium Study Pack For GARP FRM Part 1 Exam.

Course Image Premium Study Pack - Technical Analysis

Premium Study Pack - Technical Analysis

Complete Set of premium study material on Advance Technical Analysis.

Course Image Diploma in Commodity Trading

Diploma in Commodity Trading

This program focuses on commodity trading and analysis. You learn trading commodity on exchanges using future contracts. Learn understand commodity fundamental and macroeconomic analysis. Use technical analysis tool for the right entry and exit. Best for commodity traders and hedgers. Certification provided by MCX.

Course Image Diploma in Forex Trading

Diploma in Forex Trading

Forex trading program focuses on foreign exchange and risk management along with trading in currency derivatives in Indian and International market. You start from very basic concepts like pips, lot size, direct-indirect quote then we quickly move on to Macroeconomic fundamentals and forecasting price using technical analysis. Program is excellent for Exporter-Importer, Forex Traders and Hedgers.

Course Image Diploma in Capital Market

Diploma in Capital Market

The program is designed for a long term career in stock market. The program covers equity investment, valuation, risk management, price forecasting and portfolio management. After completion of the program you are rewarded with certification from NSE, MCX and SEBI.

Course Image Advance Certificate in Trading

Advance Certificate in Trading

The program is designed to cater the need of professional traders. It works on your emotional control, empowers with you all analytic tools and concepts like risk management, forecasting, equity valuation, financial reporting, economic analysis and value investing.

Course Image NISM Series 8 : Equity Derivatives (Self-Study)

NISM Series 8 : Equity Derivatives (Self-Study)

Study and Prepare For SEBI NISM Series VIII Exam.

Course Image Mock Tests: NISM Series VIII Equity Derivatives

Mock Tests: NISM Series VIII Equity Derivatives

3 Full Length Mock Test For NISM Series 8 Exam. 100% Pass For Sure