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Affiliate Program

Becoming iPlan Education Affiliate

We are so excited to propose you our affiliate program. As an affiliate you are brand ambassador of iPlan Education. You are our authorized to offer and recommend our courses in your social and professional network.

Every time we get business from your referral you get 10% to 15% of revenue we earn from that referral.

In fact, you can earn 5% extra by introducing new affiliate under your affiliate code. So, every time your introduced affiliate gives us business you get extra 5%. You can read our Affiliate Agreement to know more.

Types of affiliate

Offline: As an offline affiliate you can post us referrals through emails, call or fill online referral form. We’ll follow with your referral and once it is converted you get your share of revenue.

Online: As an online affiliate you can put our affiliate code or form on your website/blog and we’ll keep track of the rest. Once a lead is converted into sales you get your share of revenue.

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How to become an affiliate

You simply need to fill the form below to apply: