Best time to prepare for CFA Exam

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When to Start CFA Exam Preparation.

prepare for cfa examThe CFA Level 1 Program is held in June and December. It’s best to start at least 5 months before if you are a working professional or a college going student.
The curriculum is designed for 300 hours of self-study. From reviews taken from past students course is not tough but its wide. So, you may forget previous topics if you take too long to prepare and in too short duration you won’t be able to finish the course.

So, perfect timing would be to start preparation for CFA Level 1 Exam at least 5 months before. A CFA Level 2 candidate can start at least 6 months before. You can also study strategies to pass CFA Level 1 in the first attempt.


What are the Dates for CFA Exam and How do I Start?

Normally, to register for CFA Exams you have three deadlines. These are called Early registration date, Mid Registration and Late Registration. Visit this to know more about what is cfa course and registration dates.

Now, for example to appear in CFA Level 1 Exam in June the mid date of registration is 15-Feb-2017. So, in my suggestion you should start preparation for June CFA Exam from December or January.

Why to start so early! Because, you’ll realize your potential to crack the exam. Once you pay the CFA registration and examination fee there is no going back. It may cost you around $1380. So, test yourself before you pay the huge amount to CFA Institute.

Therefore, start you preparation first with a proper cfa coaching. Then decide- Is it your cup of tea? and finally pay happily.


Which attempt is better Dec or Jun.

Normally, we suggest appear for CFA Level 1 June attempt if you are working as it’ll give you almost one year for CFA level II preparation. CFA L2 requires more time to study as compared to level 1.
If you are student in final year of graduation, check you exam dates before registering for CFA June attempt. However, if you can manage June is the Best. If you wont plan properly you may lose cfa fee which is huge.


How late I’m for CFA Classes

You can start preparation from December for June attempt. However, you can still join till last of January. You’ll have four months to prepare, it’s enough for working people.

If you are planning for December attempt. My recommendation would be to start in May or June.
After January only free students or unemployed professional should enroll who can devote complete time.