Alternative Investments

Alternative Investments are options you can choose apart from equity, bond and cash market. You can invest in commodities, real estate, hedge funds, financial derivatives and more. At iPlan Education we offer specialized programs in Commodity, Derivative and Forex.

List of Alternative Investment Courses

Diploma in Commodity Trading

A comprehensive program in commodity trading which makes you expert in commodity analysis, risk management and commodity price forecasting. Get exposed to global commodity market COMEX, NYMEX, CBOT and learn trading and analysis in Agro, Metals and Energy.

Diploma in Forex Trading

Learn trading in currency derivative on exchanges and global forex market with forex brokers. Be an expert in currency fundamentals, trading on news and using various technical indicators. You would be able to develop your own trading plan and system.

Derivative Strategies

Learn to hedge you positions, use proven derivative strategies to speculate derivative market. Apply derivative valuations and Greeks for derivative based arbitrage. Learn techniques which can give you 100% profit in a day.

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