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Get the best FRM coaching in India. Oldest GARP FRM Authorized Exam Prep Provider. FRM coaching in Delhi, Mumbai and Online. Awarded 8 Times Since’2010.

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We are GARP FRM Auth. Exam Prep Provider. Here are few features of our frm coaching in Delhi, Mumbai and Online

GARP authorized exam prep provider

MBA, CFA, FRM Chartered Faculty with Average teaching experience of 6 years.

24×7 Access to online study material with over 120 hours of videos.

Personal Doubt Solving through whatsapp by faculty during weekdays.

1200+ practice questions. Mid test in every subject and final full length Mock tests.

Pass Protection : if you fail in the FRM exam. We give you one more repeat class Free within 1 year.*

Revision Classes, Doubt Classes and unlimited repeat classes in other batches.

Live Practical Derivatives classes on NSE. Free Advance Excel Classes

GARP Auth. Exam Prep Provider. Awarded 8 time Since 2010 by 6 organizations.

Placement Assistance with top banks and companies in India.









Why you need FRM coaching?

Worldwide approximately 50% students pass FRM Exam. Our FRM classes historical average passing rate is 70%.
You need 200 hours of self-study. Apart from this you attend approx 100 hours classes at our FRM coaching in Delhi, Mumbai or Hyderabad.
You should start at least 4-6 months before GARP FRM exam date.
Only self-study without FRM coaching will take more time. So, if you are already a working professional kindly attend FRM classes.
You can try for placement own your own, that would be difficult. However, due to our wide alumni network we can help you in placement.
Only theoretical knowledge will not be sufficient to get a job. So, we are providing equity derivatives strategies and risk management classes in live market. Also, after passing exam we provide you advance excel classes.
During self-study, you may need faculty support. So, we have arranged support on whatsapp during weekdays.
It’s possible you may miss the FRM classes sometimes. Keeping mind we are giving you video tutorials and past class recordings to revise the session.
Even after all this if you fail in FRM exam. Don’t worry at least you don’t have to pay FRM coaching fee again. You have the pass protection. You get one more repeat class if you fail, valid for 1 year since the date of enrollment in our coaching.*

*Term & Condition applied

How you should do FRM preparation?

You can follow GARP FRM core reading books or books provided by iPlan Education. Both, covers entire syllabus.
We give you FRM classes schedule in advance. So, before coming to class kindly skim the topics in advance.
You can attend our classes at any center of FRM coaching in Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad or Online. Feel free to ask doubts during your classes from your faculty.
Must give us review about the faculty. It’ll help us improve the delivery of classes.
You need to devote 1-2 hours daily in revising chapters and solving practice questions. If can’t then give at least 6 hours on weekends.
We provide subject wise mid test, must attend these. It’ll help us both in assesing your preparation level.
You have FRM online classes access and video tutorials use them for revision, if required. As, we are giving you full video sets from 3 faculties.
Keep lecture short notes in your mobile. Use them while travelling for quick revisions.
Before the exams don’t miss full length mock test series. These are extremely important to pass the exam.
Last important thing Financial Calculators are allowed. So, must practice them. We provide extra classes for them.


Patel Nagar






Online Class

Few companies where our students are placed

It all happened because of 10 years of strong alumni relations

GARP FRM has placement in Ameriprise.

FRM Coaching in Delhi, later placement in blackrock.
FRM Classes - Placement in Sharekhan.
FRM coaching placement in RBS
FRM Classes in mumbai
frm coaching in hyderabad, placement in CIANS

GARP Authorized Exam Perp Provider

FRM Classes Options

Select any of these GARP FRM Classes, if any query fill the form below.


33 Classes or 100 hours in total.
100 hrs Live FRM online classes *
Pass Protection*
Access on Laptop and Mobile app
Financial calculator classes
120-hrs of video recordings
Mid test
2 Full mock test
1000+ Practice questions
3000+ Short lecture notes
WhatsApp support 7 days
100% Placement

Online Class

33 Classes or 100 hours in total.
100 hr- Live FRM online classes on Zoom
Pass Protection*
Access on Laptop and Mobile app
Financial calculator classes
120 hrs of videos recording
Mid tests
2 Final mock test
1000+ Practice questions
3000+ Short lecture notes
WhatsApp support 7 days
100% Placement Assistance.

Study Pack

24 Classes or 100 hours in total.
80hrs-Live FRM online classes *
Live practical class
Free advance excel class
Financial calculator Rec.
120 hrs of video recordings
Mid test
2 Final full mock test
1000+ Practice questions
3000+ Short lecture notes
Doubt-solving on whatsapp

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    GARP FRM Part 1 Subjects

    There are four subjects in GARP FRM Part 1 and we provide frm coaching for all the subjects in our frm classes.

    1) Financial Market and Products: There are around 20 chapters in this subject. Mostly related to Financial Derivative contracts like future, swap and options.
    Exam Weightage: 30%

    2) Foundation of Risk Management: It has around 11 chapters. Topics are related GARP code on conduct, financial disasters, Enterprise risk management, corporate governance and CAPM model.
    Exam Weightage: 20%

    3) Quantitative Analysis: There are 12 chapters in this subject, mostly relates to arithmetic and statistics. We have to give extra time during frm coaching to this subject. As many students are average in quants. You have topics like probability, correlation, normal distribution, regression analysis. You are allowed to take financial calculators. We provide you the training for financial calculator.
    Exam Weightage: 20%

    4) Valuation and Risk Models: This subject has 16 chapter, mostly relates to valuation of derivative, credit risk, operational risk, stress testing and bonds. These topics are complete new to anyone, so again in frm coaching we need extra time on this subject.
    Exam Weightage: 30%

    Who should do FRM Coaching?

    Any person interest in financial risk management career and want to work with top banks, hedge funds, investment banks, mutual funds or private equity should do FRM.

    Best suited Qualification: Students from any academic background can register for FRM course.
    However, in our experience If you are a, B.E., B.Sc.,, BBA, B.A. Economics, MBA, MBE, MCA, CA, CS, you are most suited.

    Best time to start preparation: You need at least 4-6 months. So, If you are preparing for May exam, you should start GARP FRM coaching in November or December.
    If you are planning for November Exam then you should FRM classes start in May or June.

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