Algo Trading Course With Advance Certificate in Trading

Our Algo trading course is new, fresh and updated with latest technologies in the industry. As the Stock Market is rapidly moving toward algorithmic trading  and Fin-Tech this Algo Trading program can help you in getting an awesome job or become an expert Algo Trader.

Advance Certificate in Trading & Analysis with Algo Trading

Algo trading course and flowTraders can trade using manual trades or can use a software to execute an order in the stock market. Some, time strategies are so complex manual orders can’t give you desired results. So, using an algo software can help you.

However, before you can use an algo software you must be good in quantitative analysis or technical analysis, derivatives strategies and must know how to trade in stock market, commodity or forex market.

You can only earn great in Algo if you can design a unique strategy which others don’t know.

So, here you’ll learn and do live algo trading strategy testing and make profits from your trade. Our Algo trading course focuses on building strong foundation, work on your analytical skills, and equip you with all the tool and techniques. Learning is made highly practical and applied.

The Algo Trading Course | With Advance Certificate in Trading

  • Learn to trade live in STOCK MARKET
  • Learn COMMODITY TRADING in Indian and International
  • Learn Commodity fundamentals to know correct pricing
  • FOREX TRADING in Indian and International Market
  • Learn to Trade Using Algo Strategies
  • Do arbitrage on miss pricing using software
  • Economic Analysis for better understanding of trading on News
  • Learn to analyse which sector is doing great by – Industry Analysis
  • Financial Reporting Analysis of companies to check how good it the company
  • Fundamental analysis helps you in filtering good companies with right price
  • Equity Valuation Models are great tool for valuing securities – Find out stocks are overvalued or undervalued
  • Value Investing and thumb rules
  • Risk Management using:
    • Derivatives (Future & Options)
    • Future Pricing and Option Valuation
    • Learn Advance Option Strategies
    • Money Management and Behavioral Finance
  • Technical Analysis for price forecasting
    • Basic Technical Analysis and Advance Technical Analysis
    • Intraday and Scalping
    • Swing and Positional
  • Developing Algo trading style and automated trading strategies

How do we teach

  • 160+ hours of training over a period of 4 months
  • Live market training with real money
  • Live Algo trading class
  • 40 hours of doubt session
  • 1 year Free Repeat classes
  • 1 year Free Post-Trade consultancy
  • Get trained by CFA-USA, FRM, MBA and Professionals traders

Study Material

  • 1000+ lecture notes
  • 5 Printed Book Sets
  • Handouts and supplements
  • Video Tutorials
  • MS Excel Models
  • Derivative Valuation & Strategies Tools
  • Trading software
  • Technical Analysis Tools

Course Fee Including Everything

  • Classes
  • Study Material
  • Software Training
  • After training support
  • Post-Trade consultancy

Why iPlan Education


  • We follow ISO quality standards.
  • Six Sigma practice for error handling.
  • Contents are developed by CFA, FRM, MBA, PHDs.
  • Cross verified by working professionals and updated on students feedback.
  • Old students are given updated material without any extra charge.
  • Periodic Mock test and case studies.
  • 20+ locations around the globe.
  • 11+ Courses with international curriculum.

Award and Recognition:

  • Awarded Best Training Institute in Financial Services.
  • Rated 4.5 out of 5
  • Follows ISO quality guidelines
  • Over 7000 fans following
  • 10000+ students trained
  • Working professionals from 89 different MNC have already joined our programs.


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