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Frequently Asked Questions: FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions About Stock Market Courses

Does share trading courses really help?

Indeed, after learning your trading would be lot more better. As, you understand the dynamics of the market and learn to analyze and make trading decisions after completing the course. You’ll also learn which company is good which is bad! Are these stock overvalued? When our market is bullish or bearish? Your entry and exit in stock market will improve a lot.

How much I can earn by learning a stock market course?

This completely depends on your understanding of the concepts, experience and emotional control. This also, depends on the amount of risk you are willing to take. You can expect anything between 2% to 100% a month depending on risk and return taken.

How safe is trading in the stock market?

Investing in stock market is subject to market risk. That why, it gives you better return than bank returns. However, by learning about stock market may help you in reducing your risk. We help you learn better so that you can minimize your risk to as low as 1% per trade.

How much money I need to start trading?

You should always start with a minimum capital i.e. Rs. 5000 or less. Later, you can increase you capital after two-three months.

How much accuracy I can achieve?

It is again subjective. Accuracy comes with time, we teach you all the latest trading methods in the market. You need to practice a lot. We expect after practice for some time you can achieve an accuracy of 80% or more.

What if I don’t understand in the classes?

Classes are live and a lot of examples are taken to simplify the concepts. Batch sizes are small and personal attention is given. Also, you can re-take the classes for free if you don’t understand.

Why should I take admission in iPlan Education?

We are one of the pioneers in the stock market courses, since 2010. During our journey towards excellence we have won over 6 awards in last 7 years. We have trained over 8000+ students from 25+ countries including professionals from 100+ MNCs have already joined our courses. Our clients includes: FMS, IIMs, IMT, BITS, IMS and more.

We have India’s best after training support for our students.