Premium Future and Options Strategies – Study Pack

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Future and Option Trading Strategies study pack covers over 30+ option strategies for option traders. It’s a self paced learning program aimed to provide you all workable strategies which can help you make profits trading future and option.

You’ll learn both speculative and arbitrage techniques. So, are high return and high risk and few are no risk strategies. They work in bearish, bullish and neutral, all market conditions.

Course Features

  • 60+ videos (20+ hours)
    Video lectures are made to clarify all your doubts and give you in depth knowledge of all the topics.
  • Weekly Study Format – (2-3 videos Every Week) Learn new things every week as you progress in class.
  • Excel tools
    • Option Strategy tester
    • Option Strategy payoff chart and compression
    • Option Greeks calculator
    • Option Implied Volatility Calculator
  • With Live examples – Not available anywhere else.
  • Unlimited Views / Login Access for 3 Months.

Topics Covered

    • Introduction to Forward contract
    • Future contract concept
    • Future Pricing concepts
    • Marking to market and margin call
    • Backwardation and contango contracts
    • Future contract live trading
    • Hedging using future contract
    • Arbitrage using future contract
    • Trading on calendar spread
    • A to Z of Call Option trading
    • A to Z 0f Put Option trading
    • Live trading in option contracts
    • Margin and premium calculation
    • Option Greeks
      • Delta
      • Gamma
      • Vega
      • Theta
      • Rho
    • Using Option Greeks Calculator
    • Using option greeks in intraday
    • Delta Hedging
    • Option Strategies
      • Bull Call Spread
      • Bull Put Spread
      • Bear Call Spread
      • Bear Put Spread
      • Cashbacked Long Call
      • Covered Call
      • Protective Put
      • Long Straddle
      • Short Straddle
      • Long Strangle
      • Short Strangle
      • Ratio Vertical Spread with Put
      • Volatility Spread with Call
      • Long Calendar spread With Call
      • Short Calendar spread With Call
      • Long Calendar spread With Put
      • Short Calendar spread With Put
    • Advance Strategies
      • Long Butterfly Spread With Call
      • Long Butterfly Spread With Put
      • Short Butterfly Spread With Call
      • Short Butterfly Spread With Put
      • Long Iron Butterfly spread
      • Iron Condor Spread
      • Short Condor Spread with Call
      • Short Condor Spread with Put
      • Collar
      • BOX
      • Risk Reversal
      • Covered Straddle
      • Double Diagonal Spread
      • Long Christmas Tree with call
      • Long Christmas Tree with put


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