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This model is developed for our FRM® and CFA® students. The performance of this model is amazing. Students grasp quickly, retain for longer period and perform in Exam as well as in the company. It considers every group of student, so goes great. Lets see how it works.


  • Start:

This is the foundation for our students enrolling for FRM® or CFA® course. It works fantastic for Non-Finance students. We have a highly practical approach to build finance base for student before they start actual training. So, all their jargon, how to do and concepts are cleared, students learn through case studies, practical trading in equity market and reporting.

  • Study

Now, the actual training begins. Student starts with our training Videos. They come prepared, Faculty explains all concepts and topics. Student, goes back home, revises with our short notes. Our team of faculty are CFA, FRM, MBA with industry experience of 4+ years.

  • Solve

Here, we give you a short test on each subject. You know where you lack. It helps in self assessment. There are below average students in the batches, they have plenty of doubts. After test, proper doubt session are give for every subject. Videos, mind map and extra supplements are provided. So, every single puzzle remaining in the mind could be solved.

  • Score

One thing we have learnt from our experience is, doing things in practical and scoring in exam require different skill sets. Here, we give you complete mock test simulating actual test environment. After test you get exam strategies classes, then you again get a mock test to test your performance. Focus is that you go in exam mode and be ready so you hit it hard and crack the exam in just one go.