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Learn future, call and put option strategies course. Also, know as derivative strategies by best faculties in India. Awarded 8 Times Since’2010.

iPlan Education is providing option strategies course online and offline since 2010. We have complete over 250+ batches of stock market courses. We can proudly say all our students have evolved and become good traders.

Awarded 8 times by 6 organizations including Big Research in association with ET Now.

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Delivering Derivative / Option Strategies Course Since 2010

Here are few features of our call and put option strategies course.

MBA, CFA, FRM Chartered Faculty with Average teaching experience of 6 years.

24×7 Access to online study material with over 20 hours of videos.

1 year Personal Doubt Solving for trading mistakes done by students.

Mock trading softwaresand Free DMAT account. .

Get alumni status and be part of 9000+ students.
Also, communicate with group of experienced traders.

Unlimited repeat classes in upcoming batches for 1 year.

Live Practical Classes with real money at our stock market training institute.

GARP Auth. Exam Prep Provider. Awarded 8 time Since 2010 by 6 organizations.

Achieve trading accuracy of 70-80% with proper practice and guidance.









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About Derivative / Option Strategies Course

Derivative Strategies or option strategies course is learning about – how to use call and put option or future contracts for Hedging, speculative trading and arbitrage.
There are over 36 future and option strategies which we can use in bullish, bearish or neutral markets.
These option strategies can be applied on index like bank nifty options or Nifty options or any stock, commodity option and currency.

What we should focus in future & option strategies course

There are different market sentiments like some times market is bullish or bearish, we must first identify the market sentiment. Then, we should figure out – Is it good for intraday, few days or shall we carry position till expiry. As, any option strategies must be applied keeping in mind market sentiment, volatility, liquidity, duration and miss-pricing in the market.
Also, as an option trader we must accept this fact option writing is safer than buying option contracts. So, only focusing on buying options will not be fruitful in long term. Have, enough capital for both long and short positions.

Topics Covered

Future Contracts

  • Introduction to Forward contract
  • Future contract concept
  • Future Pricing concepts
  • Marking to market and margin call
  • Backwardation and contango contracts
  • Future contract live trading
  • Hedging using future contract
  • Arbitrage using future contract
  • Trading on calendar spread

Option Contract

  • A to Z of Call Option trading
  • A to Z 0f Put Option trading
  • Live trading in option contracts
  • Margin and premium calculation
  • Intrinsic value and time value concepts
  • India VIX Index

Option Greeks

  • Delta
  • Gamma
  • Vega
  • Theta
  • Rho
  • Using Option Greeks Calculator
  • Using option greeks in intraday
  • Delta Hedging

30+ Option Strategies

Basic Option Strategies

  • Bull Call Spread
  • Bull Put Spread
  • Bear Call Spread
  • Bear Put Spread
  • Cashbacked Long Call
  • Covered Call
  • Protective Put
  • Long Straddle
  • Short Straddle
  • Long Strangle
  • Short Strangle
  • Ratio Vertical Spread with Put
  • Volatility Spread with Call
  • Long Calendar spread With Call
  • Short Calendar spread With Call
  • Long Calendar spread With Put
  • Short Calendar spread With Put

Advance Option Strategies

  • Long Butterfly Spread With Call
  • Long Butterfly Spread With Put
  • Short Butterfly Spread With Call
  • Short Butterfly Spread With Put
  • Long Iron Butterfly spread
  • Iron Condor Spread
  • Short Condor Spread with Call
  • Short Condor Spread with Put
  • Collar
  • BOX
  • Risk Reversal
  • Covered Straddle
  • Double Diagonal Spread
  • Long Christmas Tree with call
  • Long Christmas Tree with put

Why future & option strategies course with us.

10 years of excellence in training
Your main faculty has 14 years of trading and 10 years of teaching experience.
9000+ students already joined our institute.
600+ batches in all courses, 250+ batched of stock market.
Awarded Best stock market institute 8 time by 6 organization including big research in association with ET Now.
International recognition from GARP, USA
3 Institute and 20+ advisory services run by past students of our institue.
70-80% trading accuracy achieved by our students in few months
Highest 12L placement and Average 4L placement received by our students.
Rated 4.5/5 by our students
Certificate of NISM Series 8 and Option strategies by NSE
Team of 20+ faculties trained students from 30+ countries.

Training Features and Facilities

24 hours of option strategies course online or face to face, delivered over the period of 1.5 months.
12 hours of video tutorials on option strategies
30+ trading strategies using live market, charts and excel.
1 year personal trading mistakes improvements.
Learn hedging, speculative trading and arbitrage
Do intraday trading with faculty and make profits.
Free DMAT and Trading Account.
Library facility
Free mock trading software and practice manual.
CFA and FRM Faculties.
Computer Lab and Free Wi-fi
Certificate of From SEBI and NSE (After exam)


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Online Class

Derivative / Option Strategies Course Options

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Certificate in Option Strategies

Duration : 1.5 M
Mode : Classroom / Online
Timing: Weekday/Weekends

24 hours classes
Whatsapp support
30+ Studies
20 hrs videos
Cases studies videos
Weekly Classes
Trade live with faculty, with real money
Personal trading mistakes improvement for 1 year.
Library access
Excel models and option price calculator
Free DMAT and trading account
Revision for one year

Premium Option Strategies Study Pack

Validity : 3M
Mode : Online

24+12 hours classes
Whatsapp support
36+ Strategies in videos
20+ hrs videos by Pravin Khetan.
Case studies videos
Weekly format
Trade live with faculty
Personal trading mistakes improvement for 1 yr.
Library access
Excel models and option price calculator
Free DMAT and trading account
Access for three months.

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