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Join the best share market courses in India. Get excellent placement in share market. Pass NISM Exam. Certified by govt. of India. 100% Placement assistance.

What do we offer in our share market courses?

Here are few features of our share trading course. This make our share market programs outstanding.

MBA, CFA, FRM Chartered Faculty with Average teaching experience of 6 years.

24×7 Access to online study material with over 50 hours of videos.

Personal Doubt Solving through whatsapp by faculty during weekdays.

1200+ practice questions. to make sure you pass.

Pass Protection if you fail or deffer exam we give you repeat classes for Free.

Revision Classes, Doubt Classes and unlimited repeat classes in other batches.

Live Practical Classes with real money. Trade with your trainer.

GARP Auth. Exam Prep Provider. Awarded 8 time Since 2010 by 6 organizations.

100% Placement Assistance with top share market companies in India.









Main modules of the share market program

You’ll learn below modules one by one to become an expert in stock market.

Module 1

Basics of stock market

Understand NSE/BSE, Stocks and Learn to trade in live market.
Creating and managing Index like NIFTY.
Purchasing IPO and Understanding FII/DII Activities and much more.

Module 2

Equity Derivatives Trading

Learn to trade in future and options contract. Hedging, future valuation, intrinsic value and more.
Trade future and options in live market.

Module 3

Option Trading Strategies

Learn over 36 future and option strategies including option greeks. Learn hedging, arbitrate and multibagger speculative trading strategies.

Module 4

Fundamental Analysis

Learn economic analysis and industry data analysis and trade on news.
Also, analyse financial statement of a company and find out a good or bad company.

Module 5

Equity Valuation And Research

Learn financial modeling and do equity valuation like DCF, DDM,Gordon and relative valuation using ratio. Buy a good company at a cheap price.

Module 6

Commodity Trading

Learn commodity trading in Indian and international markets.
Trade on news and inventory data. Covers all four segments – Energy, Agro, Base Metals and precious metals.

Module 7

Forex Trading

This module covers forex trading both in India and international markets using MT5.
Learn multi market strategies and intraday trading in forex markets.

Module 8

Technical Analysis

The most popular module in share market courses online /offline, covers 30+ price action strategies and 12+ indicators. Become an expert in intraday trading and swing trading.

Module 9

Advance Technical Analysis

Learn to create your trading system. Multi-time frame trading and more advance concepts in technical analysis course.

Module 10

Money Management

Work on you trading psychology and money management skills. So that, you grow your wealth and make constant returns after t doing this share market courses.

Module 11

Mutual Fund Investing

In this course you learn AtoZ of mutual fund trading and investing including ETFs.
You’ll be able to select the right mutual fund as per your needs.

Module 12

Bond Trading Course

Bond and debentures are fixed income securities. They can give you regular income with minimum risk or no risk at all. Best for portfolio diversification.

Module 13

Algo Trading

Learn algo trading using softwares. Automated trading based on technical analysis and quantitative analysis.

Module 14

Portfolio Management

Our share market classes also includes. Investment analysis and portfolio management using advance excel. Learn portfolio hedging, market risk management.

Module 15

Investment Adviser Module 1

Become a SEBI registered financial planer and adviser. You would be able to do financial planning for individuals.

Module 16

Investment Adviser Module 2

This is part 2 of financial planning and wealth management course suggested by SEBI for investment advisers.

Module 17

Report writing and PD

Here, you’ll learn report writing and create a project report on a sector.
Finally, after completing our share market courses, you’ll be prepared for job interviews.

Module 18

Cryptocurrency Trading Course – Optional*

Cryptocurrency trading is legal in India now. You’ll learn to trade all major cryptocurrency in this course. Bonus learn Bitcoin mining.

Certifications you’ll receive

Basic Certifications (Seven):
  1. NSE – Security Market Beginner Module
  2. NSE – Capital Market Module
  3. NISM (SEBI) -Derivate Certification Exam
  4. MCX – Mcx Certified Commodity Professional
  5. NISM (SEBI) – Currency Derivative Certification
  6. Personality Development & Job Interview Preparation
  7. iPlan Education – Advance Excel
Advance Certifications (Thirteen):
  1. NSE – Option Strategy Module
  2. NSE – Technical Analysis Module
  3. NSE – Fundamental Analysis
  4. NISM-Mutual Fund Distributor
  5. NISM – Research Analyst Module
  6. iPlan Education – Certificate in Forex Trading
  7. iPlan Education – Certificate in Commodity Trading
  8. iPlan Education – Certificate in Bond Trading
  9. NSE – Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management
  10. NISM – Investment Adviser 1
  11. NISM – Investment Adviser 2
  12. iPlan Education – Certificate in Algo Trading
  13. iPlan Education – Certificate in Cryptocurrency Trading

Program Features and Facilities

300 hours of training over the period of 6-9 months.
60 hours of video tutorials on share market courses.
Live Trading with real money
1 year personal trading mistakes improvements.
5+6 Books to take home
1200 practice questions to pass the exam easily.
Free DMAT and Trading Account.
Library facility
Free mock trading software and practice manual during share market classes.
CFA and FRM Faculties.
Computer Lab and Free Wi-fi
100% Placement assistance and in few program job guarantee*


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Share Market Courses Options For Job Seekers

All our share trading courses are 100% practical with live examples. You will learn self-trading and can invest in stock market. Also, you’ll get an excellent start in your career with a good job.

Diploma in Capital Market

Duration : 6-8 M
Mode : Classroom / Online
Placement: Assistance 100%
Certifications: Govt. Approved

Includes: Module 1 to Module 12
Basic Certifications: All Seven
Advance Certification: First Eight
160+ videos
900+ Practice Questions
5+10 Books
Live Trading with real money.
Personal trading mistakes improvement for 1 year.
Library Access
Mock trading software and practice manual
Free DMAT and Trading Account
100% Placement Assistance.

Advance Diploma in Capital Market

Duration : 9-12 M
Mode : Classroom / Online
Placement: Guaranteed 100%*
Certifications: Govt. Approved

Includes: Module 1 to Module 17
Basic Certifications: All Seven
Advance Certification: All Certification
200+ videos
1200+ Practice Questions
5+13 Books
Live Trading with real money.
Personal trading mistakes improvement for 1 year.
Library Access
Mock trading software and practice manual
Free DMAT and Trading Account
100% Placement Guarantee*.

Certificate in Capital

Duration : 3-4 M
Mode: Classroom / Online
Placement: Assistance 100%

Certifications: Govt. Approved

Includes: Module 1,2,3
Currency Derivatives Certification
Commodity Derivatives Certification
Equity Derivative Certification
20 Hrs Video
600 Practice Questions
Library Access
Free DMAT and Trading Account
100% Placement Assistance.
Live Trading
Mock Trading Software

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