GARP FRM Exam 2018

FRM ® Exam Topics


FRM Exam topics
FRM Exam part I Topics

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frm 2 exam topics
FRM Exam part II Topics


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FRM Exam Format

It has two parts FRM Exam part I and FRM Exam part II. FRM Exams are conducted in November and May every year. It is a paper and pencil  exam conducted at 90+ locations around the globe. All the questions are Multiple choice with no negative marking.

Exam Duration

Each part of the exam is for four hours. FRM Exam part I consists of 100 multiple choice questions. So, technically we get 2.4 Mins for each questions. Which is more than CFA exam where we only get 1.5 min per question. FRM exam part I is held in morning session.

FRM Exam part II has 80 questions and same four hours but it is held in the afternoon session.



Calculators are allowed in the exams. You can buy Texas Instrument BA II Plus / HP 10B II / HP 12C.



The is no negative marking for wrong answers. Candidates must pass FRM Exam part I in order to have FRM Exam part II graded. If you fail in FRM Exam part I and pass in FRM Exam part II you have to give both the exams again. Here, it is recommended that you should appear in exams one by one.



Exam results are declared by email after 6 weeks of the exam. Candidates are given quartile results it’ll help them in judging their scores on specific areas relative to other candidates.


Exam Deferral Policy

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  • You can apply for exam deferral till the last day of registration. So, you will be automatically registered for the next exam.
  • A deferral fee of $150 will be charged.
  • You can not defer more than once for one exam.



Exam Preparation

You can prepare on yourself. Normally, it takes 150 hours to 240 hours of self study. You can by GARP study material. They offer you complete sent of books. Also, you can buy FRM study material 2018 from iPlan Education, it includes notes, formula guide, videos, practice questions and more.

If you want classroom or online training, you can visit here to know more about the FRM I classes.

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