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CFA Level 2: Online Classes


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Here, you get:

  • 110+ hours of total online classes for CFA Level 2 Program
  • 10 hours of Doubt Classes
  • 12 hours of Test and mock sessions
  • (+) Premium Study Material Pack

Classes: SAT-SUN
Timing: 8 PM – 11 PM (India)
10:30 AM – 1:30 PM (USA)
3:30 PM-6:30 PM (London)

CFA ® Program Online Classes: Take Home

CFA Level 2 : Premium Package

  • Class Recording – Video lectures
    Get Class Video Recording after the class in your account updated 2019.
  • Summarized Notes – Pdf
    The lecture notes are for quick reviews. These are concise and to the point. So, you wont miss any concept and it’s easy to remember.
  • Question Bank
    Practicing questions is the key to pass any exam.

    • Get 1500+ questions to solve.
    • Assess you growth and poor area
    • Compare you score with other candidates
  • Formula Guide*
    A quick guide to all the formulas and short concepts. It’s really hand to use and apply.
  • Mind Map*
    There are over 70 LOS in CFA Level 1 and hundreds of concepts. Mind Map helps you in memorizing and keeping track of all the concepts.
  • Mid Tests
    Subject wise mid test to check your preparation level by the faculty.
  • Mock Tests 
    Finally, Just before the exam judge you performance with are international mock test series.
  • Access to Faculty Forum
    Connect to our faculties and get your doubts solved in less then 24 hrs.

*International Candidates get soft copies of formula guide and mind map.