The CFA ® Program, Level 1 Premium Study Pack is specially designed for candidates who prefer to study themself. The cfa study material pack covers our Study-Solve-Score Model. However, you are not alone you can connect to our faculty/student forum to get your doubts solved.


  • iPlan EducationTM 70+ hours video lectures Video lectures are made to clarify all your doubts and give you in depth knowledge of all the topics. These Video lectures covers entire LOS in details with solutions to sample questions. These are continuously updated.
  • Summarized Notes – Pdf The lecture notes are for quick reviews. These are concise and to the point. So, you wont miss any concept and it’s easy to remember.
  • Question Bank Practicing questions is the key to pass any exam.
    • Get 1500+ questions to solve.
    • Assess you growth and poor area
    • Compare you score with other candidates
  • Formula Guide A quick guide to all the formulas and short concepts. It’s really hand to use and apply.
  • Mind Map There are over 70 LOS in CFA Level 1 and hundreds of concepts. Mind Map helps you in memorizing and keeping track of all the concepts.
  • Excel templates: Solve and analyse using excel. Templates for many financial models.
  • Mock tests Finally, Just before the exam judge you performance with are international mock test series.


PRICE: INR 14,000