Stock Market Career

The topic of discussion today is the career in the stock market. If you want to know about the capital market career, salary, and the growth rate in this field, then you are at the right place.

The first thing that comes to the mind is what to study to get into the financial/capital market?What should be the eligibility?Is there any certification or curriculum?Let’s talk one by one.

The capital market is an emerging place to start your job.Day by day it is getting bigger, and many startups are setting up every day in the country.The opportunity to become the entrepreneur is also straightforward in the stock market.The investment needs to start the own sub-broking firm is also lesser than other business.I shall talk about the company later in the other article.I would focus on the career in the stock market.

Education and eligibility

The first thing that you might be thinking is the educational background.There is no need to be from any particular experience.Students from science, commerce and even from arts can also make a career in the stock market. The 12th standard can also apply.But I would recommend you to use for at least after the graduation from any subject.Just you need a great passion in the stock market.Good communication skill and Good personality increase your chance to get the growth earlier in the market.If you want to start with the average level entry, then you should be good in numbers and fundamental(Economics, account).

Career opportunities

Entry level: – Equity Advisor, Relationship Manager, Dealer, etc.

Middle level: – Sr. Relationship Manager, Equity Research, Technical Analyst, the Fundamental analyst.

Entrepreneurship: -Financial consultant, Broking-sub Broking services, Advisory service, Self-investment.

Salary and growth rate from entry level

See in the data below.You get the promotion early in this field with the experience.


This  is the most important process which helps you to get into the job easier in this field, but there are a lot of certificates.Which on to choose.The best document that will help you to get a job in entry level is the certificate provided by the NISM(National Institute of securities market).NISM is a public trust established by the SEBI(Securities and Exchange Board of India), Regulator of the stock exchange.Getting certificate is easy to process, just you have to register the exam for the certification on NISM website and choose the date of examination and sit for the exam.There Is a fee for the test that you will have to pay after the registration.You can get the detail of the cost here.

The page will be looking like this.


The important exam for the entry level and the average level is any of them or the combination of them.

NISM-Series-VIII: Equity Derivatives Certification Examination

NISM Series I: Currency Derivatives Certification Examination

NISM Series VII: Securities Operations and Risk Management Certification Examination

For the medium level after doing the above


NISM-Series-X-A: Investment Adviser (Level 1) Certification Examination

NISM-Series-X-B: Investment Adviser (Level 2) Certification Examination

NISM Series-XV: Research Analyst Certification Examination 


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